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Recent Economic Analysis

Wireless Telecom Competition     

T-Mobile’s recent “Un-carrier” initiatives have changed a number of standard practices in the US mobile wireless telecom service industry. T-Mobile’s impressive net customer adds in recent quarters show that wireless consumers like those initiatives.

If Sprint’s rumored bid for T-Mobile goes through, the mobile wireless telecom wireless industry will be left with only three players with nationwide networks. More importantly, the loss of the “maverick” firm could mean a significant reduction in competition in the wireless telecom industry. Read more

Quarterly count of T-Mobile customers 2012–2014

Pay TV Merger     

AT&T and DirecTV claim that their proposed merger will create near-term, verifiable, merger-specific benefits for consumers.

Even though these two companies may not have significant service area overlaps, the proposed merger still raises a number of questions about its effect on the price, access, and consumer choice. These issues need to be addressed before this merger is approved by the federal regulators.  Read more

AT&T pay TV subscriber gains

Airlines Quality     

The overall quality score of the U.S. airline industry increased in 2013, according to the Airline Quality Rating (“AQR”) Report issued on March 7, 2014. However, the domestic airline industry performance fell behind on two important dimensions—on-time arrival and baggage handling.

In 2013, Virgin America received the highest AQR score among the airlines operating in the U.S. JetBlue and Hawaiian Airlines received the second and third highest overall AQR scores in 2013.  Read more


Airline On-Time Arrival in US 2013

Cable Television Merger     

Comcast’s merger with Time Warner will create a company with about 30 million pay TV subscribers. Since Comcast and Time Warner do not have any geographic overlaps, this merger likely will not increase shares or concentrations in the relevant markets.

However, if this merger enables Comcast to discriminate against other Internet video streaming service providers that could mean less choice for consumers. By creating added barriers to entry and expansion for smaller players it would also reduce access, innovation and service variety, and ultimately adversely affecting consumers.  Read more

Broadband internet subscribers in US 2012–2013

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