EconRA provides economic research and analysis on a range of public policy issues using principles of economics and statistics. EconRA specializes in studying economic institutions and incentives. EconRA generates critical insights based on thorough and unbiased analyses of market data and behavioral responses of the market participants.

Recent Economic Analysis

Sprint Net Customer Add 2012 2014

Sprint has introduced a number of new pricing plans for wireless telecom services for individuals and families.

Will Sprint’s new pricing plans be effective in challenging its wireless telecom competitors?

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US Domestic Airline On-Time Arrival in 2013
The overall quality score of the US airlines industry increased in 2013, according to the Airline Quality Rating (“AQR”) Report.

However, the scores for on-time arrival and baggage handling decreased. How did the airlines perform on these attributes?

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Quarterly Pay-TV Subscribers in US 2012-2013

AT&T and DirecTV claim that their proposed merger will create near-term, verifiable, merger-specific benefits for consumers.

How is AT&T’s proposed acquisition of DirecTV likely to affect the price, access, and consumer choice?

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Services at EconRA

Economic Research

  • Economic impact analysis
  • Competitive dynamics and effects
  • Data visualization and quality control
  • Statistical and econometric analysis

Consulting Services

  • Identify key economic issues
  • Conduct objective analysis
  • Prepare reports and recommendations
  • Collaborate during implementation

Expert Services

  • Prepare expert reports and exhibits
  • Present at meetings and hearings
  • Provide testimony at Courts

About EconRA

EconRA specializes in providing economic and statistical analysis on a broad range of public policy issues.

At EconRA, we provide critical insights to our clients based on independent and unbiased analyses. We generate these insights by integrating findings from data analysis with the understanding of incentives and behavioral responses of economic agents and institutions.

We apply advanced econometric and statistical principles to conduct empirical analyses of data using a range of statistical software. Finally, we communicate our findings in a clear and concise way to our clients and policymakers.

EconRA has considerable experience in providing economic analysis on various industries around the world. These industries include airlines, automotive, commodities, health insurance, hospitals, media, pharmaceuticals, real estate, technology, and travel-related services. It also has experience of providing economic research and analytical services in the US, Asia, and Africa.