Competition in the US wireless telecom service industry has been intense in the third quarter. It is not just the ‘maverick’ T-Mobile, which made almost all the first moves during the last year and a half. In the beginning, when T-Mobile started rolling out its “Un-carrier” initiatives, competitors were slow to respond. Sometimes they […]

Sprint Corporation has been very active in the last few weeks. First came the news that Sprint was dropping its plan to acquire its competitor T-Mobile. Almost immediately after scrapping the merger plan with T-Mobile, Sprint appointed a new CEO with the expectation that he could make the company more competitive. Within about a week […]

The overall quality score of the U.S. airlines industry increased in 2013, according to the Airline Quality Rating (“AQR”) Report issued on March 7, 2014. However, the airlines industry performance fell behind on two important dimensions—on-time arrival and baggage handling. The AQR score is a weighted average of multiple factors important to U.S. air travelers. […]