We are based in London, UK. We are working with pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic manufacturers, medical device companies looking for collaboration to launch their products in overseas markets. We are particularly specialised in an emerging market, Turkey.

We are consultants experienced in the sector for 15+ years and partnering with a sister company as required for the whole process. The complementary combination of both companies’ services under one roof allows your company’s product a smooth access to the Turkish market.

We specialise in providing bespoke access solutions tailored to your products, which enable your business a fast and cost-effective entry into an overseas market.

Our solutions are very collaborative. We do the matchmaking and connect buyers with the sellers. We remain involved in the negotiation process until the basic commercial conditions are agreed on and the term sheet confirmed. We also provide due diligence, dossier audit, regulatory planning services and collaborate until the launch while providing strategy, intelligence, documentation, submission, and follow-up throughout the process.

Each project has its own characteristics and requires a careful evaluation with regards to its prospective position in the market.

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